World Cup 2018 – We’re almost there…

The month of festival is upon us once again. The nations are done with their selections. The players are preparing themselves for what is the most important mega event in their lives. And the fans are looking for what is undoubtedly going to enthrall them over the next couple of weeks and so.

The World Cup 2018 is here!

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The Beautiful Game

Football is a sport that unites the whole world together. We watch, we feel, we fear, we believe, we chant, we cry, we rejoice and eventually, what truly drives the whole experience home – we respect! We respect our players, we respect their effort, we respect their dedication, we respect their courage. We respect our opponent, we respect their effort, we respect their fight, and we respect the competition that they put for us.

While there are times where all these are shunned by the emotions, when all these are overshadowed by the joy, or when these feelings are overwhelmed with pride. But, now a single match will be played where you will see a lack of spirit, a lack of motivation, a lack of hunger to get ahead, and a lack of honour. In short, not a single match, where you wouldn’t feel, the after all, Football, is the beautiful game.

The things I’ve mentioned, the feelings I’ve described, or more like tried to describe but truly failed at, are just for an ‘ordinary match’ (if there’s such a thing), the epitome of all this, is what is upon us now, The World Cup 2018.

World Cup 2018

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll witness some of the best football you’ll get to see. And for that, we will keep you posted of several things, which will include:

  1. World Cup Schedule
  2. World Cup Groups
  3. World Cup teams
  4. World Cup team news
  5. World Cup predictions
  6. World Cup analysis
  7. Latest stories on World Cup 2018

The schedule for the World Cup 2018 is going to be posted very soon. It will contain the fixtures for the group stages and their timings as well. The hosts,Russia, will be kicking-off the World Cup 2018 against Saudi Arabia, as it begins from the second week of June.

The World Cup 2018 has 8 groups with 4 teams in each. We will also discuss the group the death and the predictions of which teams are being tipped to progress into the knock-out stages, with some of the best teams in a single.

There are a total of 32 teams in the World Cup. We had some upsets with regards to some of the teams as some of the best footballing nations were unable to make it to World Cup 2018.

We also cover the match by match, world cup predictions. These posts will include the latest team news and their recent performances in World Cup 2018 as well.

The World Cup 2018 analysis will have an in-depth review of the games and the performances of both the teams, as well as the key players in the match.

With the games being played at the highest order in terms of quality and both sides intensely giving their best, it’ll be one hell of a ride. The viewers will have a treat to watch when the world cup kicks off. And that simply means, world cup predictions would be quite a difficult task.

Anyway, we suggest you stay in for the the latest happenings, and prepare yourself for an incredible journey. We will accompany you through-out and we assure you, you’ll need a lot of nerves to go through this one.



world cup predictions

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